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June 8, 2013
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CircuitousTwo by FlyingHyrax CircuitousTwo by FlyingHyrax


Rainmeter skins, version 1.0

These are simple roundline and string skins - sort of a combination of my older Circuitous and Simplicity Circles skins. The design doesn't lend itself to things like feed readers and calendars, but there are a lot more skins in the suite than are shown in the preview:

Included skins:

- Battery monitor
- Hard drive space (x3)
- Disk activity (using PerfMon.dll)
- RAM space
- SWAP space
- Upload traffic
- Download traffic
- Wifi monitor
- Media player control using NowPlaying.dll
- CPU (average load and top process)
- CPU cores (x4) (core load and frequency)
- Recycle Bin (size, item count, auto-empty)
- CPU temperature (either CoreTemp or SpeedFan)
- Time and Date
- Volume control
- Weather (using Yahoo! Weather)
- vertical or horizontal background bar
[screenshot showing all the skins included in the suite]

Skin settings can be easily changed using the Config.ini skin


Bernd Montag - Sansation font
Yahoo! Weather - weather data
smurfier - Lua wizard
Kaelri - @include-fu
jsmorley - RegExp guru
gronostajo - SimplyRound skin
lalibi - Etheldrede Pantone
amc242 - beta tester
ionstorm01 - beta tester

More info/Help me/How to:

Try the ReadMe file first. You can open it from the Config.ini skin, and it is located at right in the skin root folder.
I also am maintaining a "FAQ" journal entry for these skins, for answers that I expect to repeat a lot or for semi-complicated things that need a long answer.
If the ReadMe and FAQ don't cover it, then fire away in the comments - I'll answer any question I can.

Many thanks everyone who helped beta test these skins, and I hope you all enjoy the final product. As usual, bug reports, feature suggestions, and constructive criticism are all greatly appreciated.

Hyrax out. :wave:
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utkarshphirke Apr 8, 2014  New member
Does anyone know if there's a skin for brightness control similar to the one for volume control in this skin? 
FlyingHyrax  Is it possible for you to add it to this suite. There's not a single one i could find anywhere!
Hi utkarshphirke,
A brightness control skin would be very cool, good idea!  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there is a consistent way to set the screen brightness in software on Windows - screen brightness is a physical setting, so any software that actually changes it has to communicate with your graphics hardware.  Other software just adjusts the gamma - which will wash out or darken your screen, but not actually change the brightness.  Until there is a Rainmeter plugin that can do this, it isn't really possible, and even then it wouldn't be supported on every machine.
When I click the download button it won't start. Any way to fix this?
That's either a problem with DeviantArt or your web browser - so unfortunately I can't help much there.
thummel1 Feb 27, 2014  New member
Is there any way I can Change the 'Orientation' of just one of the circles, without changing all of them?
Hi thummel1, I replied to the note you sent.  Let me know if you have other questions.  :)

(Short answer for the benefit of anyone browsing the comments - it's in the ReadMe under "Advanced Configuration".)
lnsert-name Feb 9, 2014  New member
Hi! I love pretty much everything that you have designed, but I'm having some trouble with the weather function..

I've placed my woeid for Vancouver, Canada (9807) in the config.ini but the temperature comes out as (for example when it is 2 degrees Celsius) "2?2". Changing it to Fahrenheit would give me "36?2". The subtext below it (i.e. "cloudy") is fine though.

Can you help me out? I haven't touched the coding or anything and I've tried reset all a few times already. Everything else works awesomely

Sorry if this is a noob question! Just started using rainmeter a few days ago!
lnsert-name Feb 9, 2014  New member
Haha nvm found out how to fix it! For some reason "C" was "?2" in the coding stuff; just had to do a simple switch and replace.
Well thank goodness you figured it out; when I logged on and read your original comment I wasn't sure what to tell you. ;)
It *sounds* like a character encoding issue - weird things can happen if (for example) your editor saves the file in an encoding different from the original... but that usually only affects special characters like the degree sign.
Props. I'll be incorporating some of these with the few I use from Circuitous.
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